What is another word for earmark?

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"Earmark" is a term used to signify that something is intended for a particular purpose or use. Synonyms for earmark include specify, designate, allocate, reserve, set aside, apportion, to mention a few. "Specify" refers more to identifying something in detail, while "designate" indicates that something has been given a specific name or title. "Allocate" is used to describe the process of assigning a resource, and "reserve" is used to describe setting something aside for future use. "Set aside" is similar to reserve, indicating that something is being kept for a specific purpose. "Apportion" is often used in financial and budgetary contexts to indicate the division of funds to specific accounts or uses.

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    Politicians have been using the phrase "earmark" for centuries to refer to a specific type of spending. In the U.S., earmarking first emerged in the early 19th century as a way for Congress to designate specific spending for a specific project.

    Today, earmarking is illegal in the U.S., but it's still a popular practice in many other countries. In some cases, earmarks are used to funnel money to specific organizations or individuals. In other cases, earmarks are used to disguise spending.

    Regardless of why they're used, earmarks are often controversial. They've been called wasteful and corrupt.

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