What is another word for postmark?

Pronunciation: [pˈə͡ʊstmɑːk] (IPA)

The term "postmark" can be used in many different contexts, but essentially refers to an official postal stamp or marking indicating the date and location of mailing. There are several synonyms for postmark, including cancellation mark, franking, and postal imprint. Cancellation mark is typically used to refer to the stamp or mark that is applied to a letter or package to indicate that the postage has been paid and the item has been processed for delivery. Franking is another term for postmark, which can refer to either the indicator or the process of sending mail. Postal imprint is the official marking applied by a postal service to indicate the date, time, and location of mailing. Whatever term is used, the postmark is an important part of the postal process, ensuring that mail is properly processed and delivered to its destination.

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What are the opposite words for postmark?

The term "postmark" refers to the cancellation mark stamped on a piece of mail to indicate the date and location of posting. Antonyms for "postmark" include "predate," which means to date something earlier than its actual date, and "misdate," which means to incorrectly date a document. Another antonym is "discard," which means to throw something away without posting it. "Unstamped" is another antonym, which refers to mail that has not been marked with a postmark stamp. Finally, "unmailed" is an antonym that describes a letter or package that has not been sent through the postal system.

What are the antonyms for Postmark?

Usage examples for Postmark

Nevis had no particular desire to see Miss Calvert, but he had made up his mind to wait for an opportunity to examine the postmark on the letter, if it could be managed.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss
It struck her that his object was to get near enough to see the writing or the postmark on the envelope, which would probably be impossible after Lucy arrived.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss
Nevis's eyes, as she noticed, were fixed on the envelope, but he was evidently still too far off to read the postmark, and she waited another moment, watching him with mingled disgust and anger at the means he used.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss

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