What is another word for distribute?

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Distribute is a common word used to denote the action of spreading something around. There are several synonyms for distribute which can be used in place of this word to amplify the meaning of a sentence. Some of these synonyms include allocate, apportion, dispense, disperse, assign, allot, divide, share, administer, deal out, circulate, give out, and partition. Each of these words conveys a slightly different meaning, but they all refer to the action of distributing something among a group of people or areas. Using synonyms for distribute adds variety and depth to writing, making it more engaging and informative for the reader.

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How to use "Distribute" in context?

Distribute means to distribute something fairly or to place it where it will be used or enjoyed by many people. It can also mean to communicate or interact with people. When you distribute something, you are sending it to many people.

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