What is another word for abolition?

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Abolition, the process of ending a particular practice or system, has several synonyms that can be used interchangeably. The most common synonym is "elimination," which refers to removing something entirely from existence. "Abrogation" refers to the cancellation or revocation of a law or agreement. "Repeal" is another synonym for abolition, typically used to describe the action of revoking or rescinding a law. "Eradication" and "extinction" both imply the complete destruction of something that was once in existence. Finally, "annihilation" refers to the complete destruction or obliteration of something. These synonyms reflect the different ways in which a particular system or practice can be abolished or ended.

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    1. abolition is a historical and political movement to end slavery and involuntary servitude. It began in the 17th century and ultimately culminated in the United States Civil War, which resulted in the abolition of slavery.

    2. Abolitionism began as a theological movement in the Protestant Reformed Netherlands. It soon spread to the British Isles and 18th-century America.

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