What is another word for deletion?

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Deletion is a term that is commonly used in computing and refers to the act of removing or erasing data from a device. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of this term. The word "expunge" is often used to describe the act of removing or eliminating data or information. Another synonym for deletion is "erasure," which means the complete removal of something. "Elimination" is also a useful synonym that is often used to describe data removal or deletion. "Obliteration," "annihilation," and "extinction" are other less commonly used synonyms for deletion, but they can also be useful in certain contexts.

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    Deletion is an operation that removes one or more pieces of data from a storage medium. The term is often used in reference to digital files, but can also be applied to other forms of data. Deletion can be done for any number of reasons, such as to free up storage space, to make room for new information, or to conceal information.

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