What is another word for retain?

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Retain is a versatile word that covers a wide range of meanings. In order to enhance your writing skills, it is necessary to learn synonyms for the word retain. Synonyms for retain include maintain, preserve, keep, hold on to, save, store, conserve, remember, hold, cling on to, possess, cherish, uphold, sustain, and keep in mind. Each of these words conveys a slightly different nuance to the meaning of retain. A writer must consider the context in which they are working when choosing the most appropriate synonym to use. With the right synonym, writing can flow smoothly, and ideas can be expressed with more precision and depth.

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How to use "Retain" in context?

Retain can refer to retaining a certain quality of something, retaining a memory or thought, or retaining one's composure. The verb form of retain is usually to hold on to something, preventing it from being lost or destroyed.

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