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A pulley is a type of simple machine used to lift or move heavy objects. There are many synonyms that can be used to describe this mechanism, including block and tackle, sheave, hoist, winch, drum, and wheel. Each of these words represents a different type of pulley or a different way of using a pulley. For example, block and tackle is a system of pulleys that is often used to lift heavy weights, while a winch is a type of pulley that is typically used to pull something across a surface or up a slope. Whether you need to lift a heavy load or move something across a distance, there's a pulley or a synonym for it that can help you get the job done.

How to use "Pulley" in context?

The word "pulley" is derived from the Latin word for reel, probably because early ropes were made from twisted skeins of cloth. Pulleys have been used for centuries to move heavy objects, and they are still widely used in industry.

A pulley is a simple device used to transfer energy between two points. It is made up of a cable or chain, a turntable, and a rowing tool. The cable or chain is connected at one end to the turntable, and the other end is connected to the object being moved.

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