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The word sheaf is commonly used to describe a bundle of grain or any other harvested plant material secured together by binding. However, there are many synonyms that one can use to describe a sheaf, such as a bundle, stack, bale, or even a batch. Other synonyms used to describe a sheaf could include an armload, handful, or even a cluster. In addition, the term bushel could also be used to describe a sheaf of grain. Essentially, any word that refers to something that is gathered or bundled together could be considered a synonym for the word sheaf.

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What are the opposite words for sheaf?

The word "sheaf" refers to a bundled or gathered group of items, such as a sheaf of wheat. Antonyms for this word would include words like scatter, separate, or disperse, which all suggest a lack of bundling or gathering. Other antonyms could include words like individual, singular, or isolated, which imply independent items that are not grouped together. Additionally, words like barren, empty, or sparse could also serve as antonyms for "sheaf," as they suggest a lack or absence of items, rather than a gathering or bundle. Overall, there are many words that could serve as antonyms for "sheaf," depending on the specific context and intended meaning.

Usage examples for Sheaf

"Thank you, Comrade Doctor," said the clerk when she handed back the sheaf of papers.
"The Foreign Hand Tie"
Gordon Randall Garrett
He then said, with the utmost assurance in his manner, that he would not have believed that the good-for-nothing Vetturi, who was too lazy to lift a sheaf of grain, could have been able to throw such a stone; but as good luck would have it, the stone had fallen just at his master's feet.
Berthold Auerbach
And his dream was that they were all in the harvest-field, binding sheaves: and when Joseph had bound his sheaf, it stood upright, but the other sheaves around slid and fell flat, as if they were bowing on their faces before it.
"Hetty Wesley"
Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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