What is another word for whirligig?

204 synonyms found


[ wˈɜːlɪd͡ʒˌɪɡ], [ wˈɜːlɪd‍ʒˌɪɡ], [ w_ˈɜː_l_ɪ_dʒ_ˌɪ_ɡ]

Synonyms for Whirligig:

How to use "Whirligig" in context?

The whirligig is a decorative toy that was popularized in the 1800's. It is a rotary toy that was originally made of wood and iron. The toy is made up of a central hub that spins around. Outward-pointing arms on the hub move around the periphery of the hub, leaving behind a vortex of air in their wake.

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