What is another word for rehabilitated?

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Rehabilitated is a term commonly used to refer to a person or thing that has been restored to its original state. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe the same concept. These include restored, renovated, revived, rejuvenated, reconditioned, refreshed, redeveloped, remodeled, reinvigorated, and regenerated. Each of these synonyms has its own connotations and shades of meaning, but all convey the idea of a renewal or rebirth. Whether applying to a building, a piece of equipment, or a person who has overcome a difficult period, these synonyms provide a range of alternatives for describing the process of moving from a state of disrepair or dysfunction to a state of strength and vitality.

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The word "rehabilitated" means to restore someone or something to a good condition, health or a former position. The antonyms for rehabilitated are characterized by conflicting or contrasting meanings. Some of the antonyms for rehabilitated include words like deteriorated, corrupted, decayed, incapacitated, invalidated, incapacitated, undone, worsened, worsened, failed. These antonyms show that the person or thing has not been able to improve its condition or that its condition has worsened. The opposite of rehabilitated is often used to describe a situation where there has been a lack of progress or a decline in health or well-being.

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Usage examples for Rehabilitated

She seemed to settle into an easier attitude, and Mariana could hear the scratch of the heel as she thrust the rehabilitated foot afar from her on the lichened rock.
"Country Neighbors"
Alice Brown
But for all that he was an affectionate, candid, and eminently placable person, and if it is true that he darkened the shadows of Byron's temperament, and insisted too strongly on his undesirable qualities, there is no reason to think that the portrait he drew of Byron was not in the main a true one; and it may be added that a vast amount of generosity and nobility require to be thrown into the opposite scale before Byron can be rehabilitated or made worthy of the least admiration and respect.
"The Silent Isle"
Arthur Christopher Benson
The moment any of them quits the cause of this government, and of all governments, he is rehabilitated, his honor is restored, all attainders are purged.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VI. (of 12)"
Edmund Burke

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