What is another word for undimmed?

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[ ʌndˈɪmd], [ ʌndˈɪmd], [ ʌ_n_d_ˈɪ_m_d]

Undimmed, an adjective that refers to something that is still shining or bright, may be replaced with similar words that convey the same meaning. Some of the synonyms for undimmed include radiant, brilliant, dazzling, gleaming, sparkling, and luminous. These words describe something that is not faded or diminished in brightness. Another synonym is unobscured, which refers to something that is not obstructed or hidden from view. With these synonyms, writers can use them interchangeably to provide variety and emphasize their points more effectively. Overall, these words provide a better understanding of something that is radiant or bright, making it easy to convey the right message.

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    What are the opposite words for undimmed?

    Undimmed means not faded or lacking in brightness. The antonyms for undimmed are dimmed, faded, dull, and gloomy. Dimmed refers to an object or light source that doesn't shine at full brightness. When something is faded, it has lost its color or brightness over time. Dull refers to the lack of shine or luster. Lastly, gloomy implies darkness, sadness, and lack of hope. These antonyms vary in degree, but they all describe a lack of brightness or clarity. It's important to understand antonyms for undimmed to master the vocabulary and communication skills.

    Usage examples for Undimmed

    The morning, however, dawned clear and serene; the face of the heavens seemed as if newly washed, and the sun shone with a brightness that was undimmed by a single vapour.
    "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists"
    Washington Irving
    Sometimes neither of them spoke; for all this around them was very still and pleasant-the fresh foliage of the trees and the long lush grass of the enclosures as yet undimmed by the summer dust; the cool shadows thrown by the elms and limes just moving as the wind stirred the wide branches; altogether a world of soft, clear, sunny green, unbroken except by here and there a small copper beech with its bronze leaves become translucent in the hot light.
    "Prince Fortunatus"
    William Black
    Life's joyous dawn alone undimmed by care!
    MacCarthy, Desmond

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