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Modernized means to update or bring up-to-date. Synonyms for modernized include renovated, reformed, transformed, and improved. When something is renovated, it is given a new appearance or functionality, while reformed denotes a change in structure or organization. Transformed implies a significant change in form or appearance, while improved highlights the overall enhancement of something. Other synonyms for modernized include revamped, restyled, updated, overhauled, and upgraded. These words all convey the idea of refreshing something old or outdated, making it more relevant and efficient for today's standards. Whether it is a building, technology or process, modernization is essential in keeping up with the fast-paced world we live in.

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Buddhism has seen a modernization over the years, adapting to the needs of modern people. The main principle of Buddhism is understanding and compassion, and those ideals still remain core to the practice, but there have been various adaptations that make Buddhism more relevant for modern people. There are now branches of Buddhism that are specifically tailored to a Western audience, with concepts like mindfulness and yoga being added to the staple doctrine of Buddhism. In some cases, Buddhism has been adapted to help people overcome mental health issues and drug addiction. There is also an increased focus on expanding the reach of the religion, with Buddhists now living all over the world.

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