What is another word for Remedied?

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[ ɹˈɛmədˌid], [ ɹˈɛmədˌid], [ ɹ_ˈɛ_m_ə_d_ˌi_d]

Synonyms for Remedied:

How to use "Remedied" in context?

"Remedied" tells the story of four young adults who have to reckon with the aftermath of a town disaster. They are forced to confront their own shortcomings, as well as the failings of others, in order to rebuild.

The four main characters each have their own story to tell, but they are all connected in one way or another. They are all trying to recover from something that has hurt them and changed their lives.

Their individual journeys are interwoven and help to give a more complete picture of what has happened and how the town is recovering.

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