What is another word for redress?

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[ ɹiːdɹˈɛs], [ ɹiːdɹˈɛs], [ ɹ_iː_d_ɹ_ˈɛ_s]

Synonyms for Redress:

atonement (noun) restitution (noun) revenge (noun) atone (verb) recompense (verb) retaliate (verb) revenge (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Redress:

  1. press, hesse, hess, guess, less, s, crests, es, dress, mess, stress, chess, tress, bless, cress, fess, yes, ness;
  2. finesse, recess, assess, divests, excess, compress, fluoresce, contests, obsess, caress, distress, regress, attests, repress, noblesse, possess, molests, digests, requests, express, address, depress, digress, progress, suppress, success, suggests, impress, transgress, profess, undress, largesse, oppress, egress, protests, aggress, confess;
  3. nonetheless, convalesce, cps, dispossess, repossess, acquiesce, oas, reassess, coalesce;
  4. nevertheless;

Quotes for Redress:

  1. We are tired out in making complaints and getting no redress Joseph Brant.
  2. And if this House is to be scared, by whatever influences, from its duty, to receive and hear the petitions of the People, then I shall send my voice beyond the walls of this Capitol for redress Caleb Cushing.
  3. You can't just lecture the poor that they shouldn't riot or go to extremes. You have to make the means of legal redress available. Harold H. Greene.