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The word "resistive" denotes a state or quality of resistance, particularly in terms of opposition or reluctance to something. Its synonyms include "rebellious," "stubborn," "unyielding," "defiant," "obstinate," "uncooperative," "contrary," "recalcitrant," "oppositional," "intractable," and "averse." All of these words imply a similar refusal to comply with external pressures, whether physical, emotional, or intellectual. They can be used to describe a person, a behavior, or a material that is difficult to alter or control. Whether resisting change, authority, or influence, these synonyms suggest a strong will and an unwillingness to compromise.

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Resistive, meaning opposing or hindering, has several antonyms that represent a contrasting meaning. One such antonym is facilitative, which describes something that helps or encourages progress or growth. On the other end of the spectrum, complacent is another antonym, suggesting a state of self-satisfaction or smugness that can lead to stagnation. Responsive is yet another antonym for resistive, meaning able to react or adapt quickly to a situation. Finally, supportive is an antonym that indicates help, encouragement, or assistance. Understanding the meaning and usage of antonyms for a word like resistive can be valuable in choosing the right words to express yourself in any setting.

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Usage examples for Resistive

The Marshal who accompanied the patient from California to this institution states that the patient was resistive and negativistic; that he assumed various constrained attitudes; was untidy, mute, and refused food.
"Studies in Forensic Psychiatry"
Bernard Glueck
His last illness was the result of a cold, and his advanced age, eighty-seven, left him little resistive vitality.
"Makers of Modern Medicine"
James J. Walsh
Usually, when the parasites were found, there was a distinct tendency to very low resistive vitality in the tissues, sometimes proceeding even to the extent of beginning pulmonary gangrene.
"Makers of Modern Medicine"
James J. Walsh

Famous quotes with Resistive

  • As for collaboration - I have done a lot, 26 books, and found publishers increasingly resistive to them. It's not that the books are bad; editors won't even read them.
    Piers Anthony

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