What is another word for rebellious?

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Rebellious is a word that connotes defiance, insurgency, disobedience, and revolt. There are several synonyms that are commonly used to describe this trait, such as insubordinate, defiant, untamed, insurgent, wayward, and nonconformist. Additionally, terms like disobedient, mutinous, refractory, and contrary are also used to describe the characteristics of rebellious behavior. These words are often associated with individuals who refuse to follow the rules or adhere to social norms. They may challenge authority, express nonconformity, and push back against established systems. Whether used to describe a person, group, or situation, these synonyms capture the spirit of rebellion and its inherent oppositional nature.

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    Rebellious teenagers often rebel against their parents and society in order to express their individualism and creativity. Rebellious youths may engage in activities such as skipping school, smoking cigarettes, and skipping curfew in order to explore different aspects of their life and make their own decisions. While some rebellious youths may become criminal offenders, most develop into productive members of society. Rebellious youths often have a strong sense of self and do not conform to traditional values and expectations. They often explore their own boundaries and challenge authority. Rebellious teenagers often have a greater sense of empathy and are more sensitive to the feelings of others.

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