What is another word for up in arms?

Pronunciation: [ˌʌp ɪn ˈɑːmz] (IPA)

Up in arms is an idiom in the English language that refers to being angry or in a state of protest. Some synonyms of "up in arms" include outraged, incensed, furious, enraged, livid, exasperated, irate, and indignant. These words describe the feeling of being deeply unhappy with a situation and expressing it with strong emotions. Similar idioms are "hot under the collar," "seeing red," and "fed up." When individuals feel strongly about an injustice or wrong being committed, they may become up in arms and advocate for change. These synonyms can help to express the intensity of emotions felt when people are up in arms.

Synonyms for Up in arms:

What are the hypernyms for Up in arms?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Up in arms

  • It's a good thing I don't read everything Eddie says, or I'd be up in arms and not enjoying my life.
    Sammy Hagar
  • I have to play as much of the game as I allow myself to get the music heard. But it's not unlike the rest of the world, so I'm not as up in arms about it as I could be.
    Kristin Hersh
  • Once the troops move into Cambodia, the colleges and universities of this country were on the verge of civil war. Many closed down. The students were up in arms. And it looked very much like there were going to be real problems in this country.
    William Kunstler

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