What is another word for rejoinder?

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Rejoinder is a term that refers to a response or reply to a statement, argument or question. There are numerous synonyms used to indicate the same meaning as rejoinder. These synonyms include response, answer, retort, comeback, rebuttal, reply, feedback, counter, quip, and reaction. Each of these words has a slightly different implication. While a response, answer, and reply all refer to something that has been said or asked, a comeback or quip usually implies a more witty or humorous response. The term rejoinder is often used in legal settings, while rebuttal and counter are commonly used in debates or arguments.

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    When a rebuttal is delivered, the speaker has the intention of countering the argument that has been previously made. In order to have a successful rebuttal, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the information that has been presented. Additionally, it is important to be prepared with counterarguments and rebuttals of your own. A rebuttal can be a powerful tool in debating, as it can help to show that the original argument may not be sound.

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