What is another word for retrogrades?

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Retrogrades refer to the apparent backward motion of a planet when viewed from Earth. When discussing this astronomical phenomenon, there are several synonyms that can be used. These include regressions, reversals, setbacks and declines. Retrogressions, strokes, backslide, lapses, and reverses are also commonly used. Additionally, some synonyms for retrogrades may include retroactions, degenerations, declines, downturns, and descents. Regardless of the word used, they all refer to a return to the past or a loss of progress. Retrogrades can have a significant impact on astrology and horoscopes, with some experts suggesting that these periods can lead to difficult times for individuals.

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How to use "Retrogrades" in context?

Retrogrades are objects or bodies that move backwards in their orbit around the sun. They are specifically named after the Ancient Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, because he first described them in his treatise on epicycles. Retrogrades are most commonly observed in the early summer and late fall, when they move closer to Earth. They can also be observed closer to the sun during the winter.

Retrogrades are asteroid-like bodies that orbit the sun in the opposite direction of planets. They are made up of rock and dust and are smaller than planets.

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