What is another word for regression?

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Regression, or the act of going backwards, can be described using several synonyms. Some common ones include "retrogression," "reversion," and "decline." "Retrogression" implies a return to an earlier stage or state, while "reversion" suggests going back to a previous state or condition. "Decline" has a slightly more negative connotation and implies a gradual deterioration or lose of ground. Other synonyms for regression include "backsliding," "falling back," and "retreat." While these words may have slightly different nuances, they all refer to the act of moving backwards or a decrease in progress or forward momentum.

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How to use "Regression" in context?

Regression is when a person's behavior or ability decreases as a result of a past experience or event. Regression can be positive or negative, depending on the individual's experience. Regression can be caused by anything from experiencing an emotional trauma to taking a sedative. Some people describe regression as a "falling back" to an earlier stage of development.

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