What is another word for Retrograding?

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Retrograding refers to the movement of a celestial body in a direction opposite to that of the earth. There are several synonyms for the term, such as backward movement, retrogression, regression, reverse motion, and backward motion. Retrogradation is a term commonly used in astrology to describe the apparent backward motion of planets from the earth's perspective. Retrogression implies a decline or regression from a previous state or level, while reverse motion refers to a reversal in the direction of movement. Backward motion and backward movement simply describe movement in the opposite direction. Regardless of the term used, retrograding represents significant changes in celestial movement that can impact our lives and the world around us.

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How to use "Retrograding" in context?

Retrograding is a method of repairing a file system. It is used to revert a filesystem to a pre-defective revision, prior to the repository becoming corrupted.

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