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Enforce is a word frequently used when one wants to compel or impose compliance. Synonyms for enforce include execute, uphold, implement, apply, administer, and enact. These words convey the idea of actively making a rule or law come to life - to ensure that it is followed. Other synonyms for enforce include compel, coerce, demand, and require. These words imply a level of force or pressure is necessary to see something through. Enforcing rules or laws is often done by governments, corporations, and individuals in positions of authority. The use of these synonyms helps to understand the full extent of the word "enforce" and the different ways it can be applied.

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How to use "Enforce" in context?

Enforcing regulations is important to maintaining public safety and upholding government policy. When laws are not followed, enforcement can help ensure that proper procedures are followed and that citizens are protected.

Law enforcement officials use a variety of enforcement techniques to ensure compliance with regulations. These techniques may include issuing warnings, issuing citations, arresting offenders, and filing lawsuits.

Many governments use fines as a way to enforce regulations. Fines can be penalties for breaking a law, and the government can use fines to discourage people from breaking the law. Fines can also be used to fund government programs.

Law enforcement officials must determine which regulations to enforce.

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