What is another word for rima?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈiːmə] (IPA)

Rima, meaning "a narrow valley" or "grapevine shoot" in Spanish, can be replaced by several synonyms depending on the context. For instance, if it denotes a narrow channel formed by water, it can be replaced with words like gorge, ravine, or canyon. Conversely, if it denotes the plant shoot used to grow a grapevine, it can be replaced with terms like cutting, slip, or twig. Moreover, in poetry, rima means "rhyme" in Spanish, which can be replaced with words like verse, stanza, or cadence. In summary, rima can be replaced with several synonyms based on its definition and context, making language versatile and exciting.

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Usage examples for Rima

The highest form of satire in all the prose writers is poetry, as much so as if put in the heroic couplets of Pope or the ottava rima of Byron's Vision of Last Judgment.
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell
This affection, which is apt to be rapidly fatal, is a closing of the chink of the glottis, or rima glottidis, as it is called, which occurs very rapidly as the result of inflammatory conditions, especially in patients who are suffering from some kidney affection.
"Makers of Modern Medicine"
James J. Walsh
Among her translators during these centuries must be mentioned Ludovico Dolce, whose excellent rendering of the Satires and Epistles was a product of the early sixteenth; Scipione Ponsa, whose faithful Ars Poetica in ottava rima appeared in the first half of the seventeenth; the advocate Borgianelli, whose brilliant version of Horace entire belongs to the second half; and the Venetian Abriani, whose complete Odes in the original meters, the first achievement of the kind, was a not unsuccessful performance which has taken its place among Horatian curiosities.
"Horace and His Influence"
Grant Showerman

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