What is another word for chip?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈɪp] (IPA)

Chip is a commonly used word, and there are many different ways to describe it with synonyms. Some synonyms for chip are slice, fragment, piece, or portion. You could also use the words fragment for small pieces, shard for sharp cuts, or shavings for thin slices. If you're talking about computer chips, you might use the words microchip, integrated circuit, or semiconductor. If you're looking for synonyms for chip in terms of gambling, you might use the words token, marker, or currency. Regardless of the context, there are many different synonyms for the word chip that you can use to vary your language and make your writing more interesting.

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The word "chip" can have various antonyms depending on its context. In technology, the antonym of a computer or microchip would be something like "natural" or "organic." For example, if we were talking about a wildlife sanctuary, we might say that the habitats are free from any artificial chips, meaning that they are purely natural. In terms of food, "chip" usually refers to an unhealthy snack. Therefore, its antonym could be something healthy like a salad or fruit. In a casino setting, "chip" refers to a small plastic or clay disc used as currency, so its antonym could be cash or any other form of currency. Ultimately, the antonym of "chip" will depend on the context it is being used in.

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Usage examples for Chip

Its purpose is to let the chip get clear of the vessel's wake.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper
The principle of the chip log is that each division of the log line bears the same ratio to a nautical mile that the log glass does to the hour.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper
Well, we'll leave him to it, and when his money runs out we'll chip in.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton

Famous quotes with Chip

  • Wouldn't you like to have an augmented memory chip that you could plug into your head so you don't have to look everything up and remember everything?
    Kevin J. Anderson
  • The English contribution to world cuisine - the chip.
    John Cleese
  • In the beginning, though, I have to admit that I did have a chip on my shoulder. I did want to prove everyone wrong. But after I went through the process and came out the other side, it wasn't about anyone else.
    Billy Corgan
  • Went to 16 and hit a really bad 3 wood for my second shot and got stuck in the bunker about 70 yards from the pin. Poor execution, chunked it, hit a good chip up to about eight feet, missed it.
    Trent Dilfer
  • Everybody has to chip in, I think, and see how we can have a functioning system of collective security where we do not continue to face the threat of countries trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction or particularly nuclear weapons.
    Mohamed ElBaradei

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