What is another word for crevice?

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A crevice is defined as a narrow opening or crack in a surface. Synonyms for crevice include fissure, crack, chink, gap or rift. These terms all represent a small space or opening that can vary in size, though typically too small for most objects to pass through. Fissure refers to a long and narrow opening or crack, while crack is a narrower space. Chink also denotes a narrow fissure or opening, while gap refers to a space or distance between two points. Rift connotes a deeper divide or separation. All of these terms can be used interchangeably with crevice depending on the context and specific qualities of the opening being described.

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What are the hypernyms for Crevice?

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What are the opposite words for crevice?

The word crevice is used to describe a narrow, deep opening in a surface. It is typically associated with rock formations, walls, and other hard materials. The antonyms for the word crevice are related to its opposite meaning, involving openness or expansiveness. Examples of antonyms include words such as hole, gap, or opening. These terms describe larger, wider spaces that are not constricted or limited by narrowness. Other antonyms for crevice include words such as expanse, plain, or field, which describe areas that are vast and expansive. These words contrast with the narrow and confined nature of a crevice.

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Usage examples for Crevice

"Yes," growled out the man, "there was some to be had; but one must climb for about an hour through the woods, to get to the crevice in a rock, where the snow never melted summer or winter, as the sun could not reach the spot.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
Looking back at it, he had a vague impression of a glimpse into eternity-as though for that instant he had really died, slipping into an unsuspected crevice between the past and the future....
William McFee
Every niche and crevice of the wall shows small, green, flat leaves crawling out to the sun and light.
G. E. Mitton

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