What is another word for kingpin?

Pronunciation: [kˈɪŋpɪn] (IPA)

A kingpin is a term used to describe a person who is the most important or influential in a particular group or organization. Some other synonyms for kingpin include a leader, boss, chief, head honcho, top dog, captain, or top brass. The word may also be used in accordance with a criminal leader or a drug dealer who is the key player in the underworld network. In such scenarios, terms such as drug lord, crime boss, mogul, czar, or Sinaloa cartel are often used. Kingpin is also commonly used in sports to refer to a player who is the most important and influential in a team or league.

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What are the opposite words for kingpin?

Kingpin, a slang term for a prominent and influential person, can have many antonyms depending on the context. Some antonyms could be "nobody," "underling," "peon," or "small fry." In terms of power and influence, some antonyms could be "outsider," "commoner," "ordinary person," or "minor player." For the criminal underworld, some antonyms could be "law-abiding citizen," "police officer," "prosecutor," or "judge." In a social setting, some antonyms could be "introvert," "recluse," "loner," or "wallflower." Depending on the context, there can be a wide range of antonyms for the word "kingpin.

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Usage examples for Kingpin

On every block he met acquaintances who had even toasted him-with his own wine; toasted him as the kingpin.
"Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course"
W. B. M. Ferguson
"Sort of the kingpin of the colony, I reckon you might say.
"Eight Keys to Eden"
Mark Irvin Clifton
Following this the front axle spindles were removed, the ends of the axle slotted, and a webbed, C-shaped piece carrying the kingpin bearings was fitted into each slot, braced from underneath by short brackets which were riveted and brazed in place.
"The 1893 Duryea Automobile In the Museum of History and Technology"
Don H. Berkebile

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