What is another word for running into?

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The phrase "running into" has a variety of synonyms, each with its own unique nuances. Some alternatives include "encountering" or "coming across," which both imply a chance meeting or unexpected encounter. "Colliding with" suggests a more forceful interaction, while "bumping into" can imply a physical touch or slight collision. "Meeting up with" or "catching up with" indicate a planned or desired meeting. "Running across" or "stumbling upon" imply stumbling upon something by chance while "crossing paths with" denotes a more serendipitous encounter. Overall, each synonym offers a slightly different shade of meaning to describe a meeting or encounter with someone or something.

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    When I was running late for work one morning, I ran into my old high school friend. It was an unexpected but great surprise. We caught each other by surprise, but it was a fun encounter.

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