What is another word for disapprove?

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[ d_ˌɪ_s_ə_p_ɹ_ˈuː_v], [ dˌɪsəpɹˈuːv], [ dˌɪsəpɹˈuːv]

Synonyms for Disapprove:

disapprove (verb) dislike (verb) prohibit (verb) reject (verb) blame disagree dislike eastern poison oak frown Other synonyms: oppose refuse remonstrate

Rhymes for Disapprove:

  1. prove, move, groove;
  2. improve, approve, remove, behoove, disprove;

Quotes for Disapprove:

  1. When a judge assumes the power to decide which distinctions made in a statute are legitimate and which are not, he assumes the power to disapprove of any and all legislation, because all legislation makes distinctions. Robert Bork.
  2. I believe the American people spoke loud and clear to the Bush Administration in yesterday's election that they disapprove of the current direction in the war in Iraq. As a result, the President wasted no time in dumping Secretary Rumsfeld. Jim Clyburn.
  3. It always seemed to me a bit pointless to disapprove of homosexuality. It's like disapproving of rain. Francis Maude.

Idioms of Disapprove:

  1. disapprove of sm or sth;