What is another word for satirize?

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[ sˈatɪɹˌa͡ɪz], [ sˈatɪɹˌa‍ɪz], [ s_ˈa_t_ɪ_ɹ_ˌaɪ_z]

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    Synonyms for Satirize:

    How to use "Satirize" in context?

    In a satirical work, satire is used to present a light-hearted or ironic view of a subject. Satire can be used to criticize social institutions or cultural practices, or to promote political or social ends. Satire often employs irony, the use of humor to make a serious point.

    In a satirical work, humor is often used to make a serious point. For example, in "The Grapes of Wrath," J.D. Salinger satirizes the degradation of the American farmer in the 1930s. By using humor, Salinger is able to present a serious message without feeling too heavy-handed.

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