What is another word for pillory?

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The word "pillory" is a noun that refers to a wooden framework with holes for a person's head and hands, used for public punishment or humiliation. It can also be used as a verb to describe the act of publicly humiliating or criticizing someone. Synonyms for this word include "stocks," "gallows," "gibbet," "scaffold," and "post." Other synonyms include "censure," "condemn," "vilify," "criticize," "denounce," and "excoriate." Using these alternate words can add variety and nuance to your writing, while still conveying a similar idea.

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    The pillory is a medieval structure located in many formerly colonized parts of the world, mainly in Europe and in parts of North America. The pillory refers to a form of public punishment and humiliation, generally consisting of a Frame fitted with aSmall Platform, from which a person is whirled about or exposed to Public Ridicule. The motive for using the pillory was usually to humiliate and degrade the individual being punished.

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