What is another word for sculpted?

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The word "sculpted" implies a piece of art with a three-dimensional shape and form. Some synonyms for this term include chiseled, carved, modeled, fashioned, shaped, and formed. Chiseled refers to the act of using a chisel or other tool to carve out a specific shape or design from a material. Carved denotes the same process but involves making intricate designs or patterns using a sharp tool. Modeled refers to the act of shaping and molding a material, usually clay or other soft substances, into a specific form or shape. Fashioned implies the act of creating or shaping something, which requires skill and artistic expertise. Shaped and formed are generic terms that suggest the act of bringing a particular form to an object.

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There is something about sculpture that seems to captivate people. Whether it is the mystery of its creation or the way it can be used to tell a story, sculpture has always held a special place in the hearts of people. Some of the most famous and popular sculptures in the world are those that were sculpted by the great masters.

There are all sorts of different types of sculpted objects out there, and no two are quite alike. Whether it is a statue of a lion or a human being, each piece is unique and tells its own story.

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