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The word "seemed" is often used to express a perception or impression of something. To avoid repetitive use of this word, there are a plethora of synonyms that can be used instead. Some of the synonyms include "appeared" which conveys the idea of something coming into sight, "looked" which refers to the manner of a person's appearance or expression, "sounded" which refers to the way something is heard, "felt" which refers to one's perception through touch, "showed" which refers to the evidence of something, and "gave the impression" which refers to the overall influence something has on an individual. Using these synonyms can enhance one's writing by providing a variety of ways to convey one's intended meaning.

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I know my sister thinks I look cheesy when I wear my pink overalls to pick pumpkins with her, but I love it. I feel like a kid again, picking fruit with my mom. I used to think that I was too old for that kind of stuff, but now I realize that I am still just a kid at heart. I guess that is why I love the fall season so much. It is like the world slows down for a little while and you can just be yourself. I guess that is what happened when I went out to pick pumpkins with my sister.

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