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There are several synonyms for the word "showed" that can be used in order to provide a more precise and varied language in your writing. Some of the most common synonyms include displayed, exhibited, presented, demonstrated, illustrated, manifested, proclaimed, revealed, expressed, and indicated. Each of these words convey a slightly different meaning, and can be used to convey that the object or item in question was seen, portrayed or expressed in different ways. For instance, "presented" and "exhibited" can be used to indicate that something was displayed in an organized and intentional manner, while "illustrated" or "revealed" could mean that a deeper message or meaning was conveyed through the object that was being shown.

How to use "Showed" in context?

Last year, the Broadway musical "showed" won six Tony Awards - including Best Musical - and became one of the most successful shows of the decade. Now on its final tour, "Showed" is a must-see for anyone who loves the theater.

The show, which tells the story of show business legend Tabitha and her ailing stage mother Ethel, is a witty and compelling look at the power and dynamics of the entertainment industry.

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