What is another word for Vowed?

Pronunciation: [vˈa͡ʊd] (IPA)

Vowed is a powerful word that means to make a solemn promise or commitment. There are several synonyms for the word, such as pledging, committing, swearing, and swearing an oath. Pledging conveys a sense of dedication or loyalty, while committing implies a strong sense of obligation. Swearing an oath suggests a strong sense of honor and duty, while swearing connotes a more forceful expression of commitment. Other synonyms include affirming, vowing, declaring, and promising. No matter which word is chosen, they all express the same sense of commitment and dedication to a particular task or promise.

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What are the hypernyms for Vowed?

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Usage examples for Vowed

"The man I marry," Vowed the darling Antoinette, "must be a hero.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
I-I-I haven't, he Vowed.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
He Vowed that he would bring us to a crust of bread before another year had gone, that he would literally starve us to his will.
"The Man from Jericho"
Edwin Carlile Litsey

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