What is another word for Begun?

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[ bɪɡˈʌn], [ bɪɡˈʌn], [ b_ɪ_ɡ_ˈʌ_n]

Begun is a common verb used in everyday language. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of this word. Some of the synonyms for begun include started, initiated, commenced, launched, instigated, undertaken, and set in motion. All of these words suggest the beginning of an action or process. For example, instead of saying "I have begun the task," one could say "I have initiated the task." By using synonyms, writers and speakers can add variety to their language and make their communication more interesting and engaging. It is important to choose the right synonym based on the context and tone of the message being conveyed.

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    Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to the given word. "Begun" refers to the starting of any action or process, and its antonyms are the words that convey endings or stopping of such actions. Some of the antonyms for "begun" are completed, finished, concluded, terminated, halted, ceased, closed, and accomplished. These words signify the conclusion of a task or action that has been initiated. The use of antonyms can help to bring contrast and variety to written or spoken language. Understanding antonyms helps to enhance communication and the comprehension of the meaning of words used in conversations or literature.

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    Usage examples for Begun

    Even as a boy He had Begun to have this filial feeling.
    "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
    Marcus Dods
    Marjorie had already Begun to think of the small, dark girl as that.
    "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
    Pauline Lester
    Ah, she had Begun to read!
    "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
    Pauline Lester

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