What is another word for Contributed?

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[ kˈɒntɹɪbjˌuːtɪd], [ kˈɒntɹɪbjˌuːtɪd], [ k_ˈɒ_n_t_ɹ_ɪ_b_j_ˌuː_t_ɪ_d]

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    How to use "Contributed" in context?

    The first time many of us heard about "Contributed" was in our coursework for college. We were required to read an article about the contributed property and how it works in JavaScript. The article went over some basics of how the property works. It covered how it works with arrays and objects, and how it can be used to overwrite properties on an object.

    If you're not familiar with the contributed property, now is a great time to learn more. It's a handy feature that can be used in a number of different ways.

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