What is another word for seraph?

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[ sˈɛɹəf], [ sˈɛɹəf], [ s_ˈɛ_ɹ_ə_f]

A seraph is a type of celestial being typically associated with religion and the divine. Synonyms for seraph include angel, cherub, celestial, divine being, heavenly being, and spirit. These words all have a similar meaning, describing a being that is typically believed to be blessed or favored by a higher power, and therefore possesses extraordinary qualities. While each of these words has its own distinct connotation, they are all associated with the same idea of a powerful and holy being. Synonyms for seraph can be found in various religious texts and literature, and are often used to describe figures that are revered and respected.

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    A seraph is a type of celestial being in the Bible and mythology. They are often depicted as possessing fiery wings, a celestial crown, and a halo. Seraphs are often seen as angels of the highest level, and are often associated with the presence of God.

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