What is another word for devout?

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Devout is a word that describes a person or their behavior as being deeply religious and committed to their beliefs. Synonyms for devout include pious, spiritual, faithful, devoutly religious, saintly, and godly. These words all share the same connotation of being fully dedicated to one's faith and adhering to the principles of their religion. Other synonyms for devout include prayerful, reverent, worshipful, holy, and fervent. Each of these words highlights a different aspect of religious devotion, whether it be a focus on prayer, reverence for a higher power, or an enthusiastic zeal for one's faith. Regardless of the synonym used, the essence of devoutness remains the same - a deep commitment to one's religious beliefs and practices.

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    How to use "Devout" in context?

    The word "devout" comes from the Latin word "devotus", meaning devoted or devoted to a deity or a religious belief. The word "devout" is often used to describe someone who is very religious, especially someone who is very observant of religious practices. A devout person is someone who is very committed to their religious beliefs and does everything they can to follow them. Devout people are usually very observant and careful in their religious practices, and they often take their religious convictions very seriously.

    Devout people are usually very peaceful and kind.

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