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Saintly is a word that conveys a sense of purity, goodness, holiness, and moral excellence. Synonyms for saintly include virtuous, holy, godly, pious, righteous, devout, angelic, sacred, exemplary, and beatific. These words describe the ideal characteristics of someone who is regarded as saintly. Virtuous suggests moral excellence and uprightness of character; holy, godly, and sacred imply devotion to religious principles; righteous, devout, and angelic suggest pure and blameless behavior; beatific suggests a state of bliss and happiness associated with the saints. These synonyms can be used interchangeably to convey different nuances and shades of meaning in describing a person who epitomizes the qualities of a saint.

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How to use "Saintly" in context?

The word "saintly" comes from Old French and means "of or pertaining to a saint." In the medieval period, many people considered saints to be models of virtuous living and thus deserving of admiration and respect. Today, the word "saintly" is often used to describe people who are kind, compassionate, and gentle.

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