What is another word for childlike?

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When you think of the word "childlike," words such as innocent and playful may come to mind. However, there are many other synonyms that can describe this quality. For instance, the word "naive" can signify a childlike trust in others. "Curious" is another word that can describe a childlike tendency to ask questions and explore their surroundings. "Whimsical" can describe a childlike imagination and creativity, while "spontaneous" can describe the uninhibited nature of children. Lastly, "joyful" may also be used to describe the carefree and happy disposition of a child, making it another excellent synonym for the word "childlike".

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How to use "Childlike" in context?

Childlike means being naive or not having experience. It's a good word to describe people who are new to a situation, who don't have a lot of knowledge, or who are still learning. Some people use the term to describe children, because they are naive and don't have a lot of experience. But childlike can also be used to describe adults, especially those who are new to a situation. Some people think that the term is negative, because it's usually used to describe people who are inexperienced or who don't know a lot.

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