What is another word for changeful?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈe͡ɪnd͡ʒfə͡l] (IPA)

The word "changeful" is typically used to describe situations or people who are prone to frequent and sudden variations. Synonyms for "changeful" include "unpredictable," "volatile," "fluctuating," "mutable," "mercurial," "fickle," "inconstant," "capricious," "whimsical," and "variable." These words all suggest a lack of consistency or stability, emphasizing the potential for things to change suddenly or without warning. Whether describing the weather, the stock market, or human behavior, these synonyms capture the sense of uncertainty and variability that defines changefulness. By using these synonyms, writers can create a more vivid and nuanced picture of the world around them, highlighting the complex and ever-changing nature of life.

Synonyms for Changeful:

What are the hypernyms for Changeful?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for changeful?

The word "changeful" refers to something that is prone to change constantly. Its antonyms include steady, constant, unchanging, consistent, and stable. These words imply a sense of permanence and reliability, indicating a lack of variation or inconsistency. When something or someone is described as unchanging or consistent, it suggests that they remain the same despite external factors. Conversely, words like volatile or erratic also act as antonyms for changeful, referring to things or people that change abruptly and unpredictably. Understanding antonyms for a word like changeful can help expand one's vocabulary, enabling more precise communication and expression.

Usage examples for Changeful

But her changeful disorder now appeared to take a new turn.
"Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists"
Washington Irving
They have mobile faces, changeful eyes, soft lips, which express joy or desolation naturally, and with the charm of perfect simplicity and truth.
"A Vanished Hand"
Sarah Doudney
She had a dark, delicate face, as changeful as an April sky.
"A Vanished Hand"
Sarah Doudney

Famous quotes with Changeful

  • A woman's will Is changeful and uncertain still.
    John Conington
  • It is a dreadful picture—this picture of Italy under the rule of the oligarchy. There was nothing to bridge over or soften the fatal contrast between the world of the beggars and the world of the rich. The more clearly and painfully this contrast was felt on both sides—the giddier the height to which riches rose, the deeper the abyss of poverty yawned—the more frequently, amidst that changeful world of speculation and playing at hazard, were individuals tossed from the bottom to the top and again from the top to the bottom. The wider the chasm by which the two worlds were externally divided, the more completely they coincided in the like annihilation of family life—which is yet the germ and core of all nationality—in the like laziness and luxury, the like unsubstantial economy, the like unmanly dependence, the like corruption differing only in its tariff, the like criminal demoralization, the like longing to begin the war with property. Riches and misery in close league drove the Italians out of Italy, and filled the peninsula partly with swarms of slaves, partly with awful silence. It is a terrible picture, but not one peculiar to Italy; wherever the government of capitalists in a slave-state has fully developed itself, it has desolated God's fair world in the same way as rivers glisten in different colours, but a common sewer everywhere looks like itself, so the Italy of the Ciceronian epoch resembles substantially the Hellas of Polybius and still more decidedly the Carthage of Hannibal's time, where in exactly similar fashion the all-powerful rule of capital ruined the middle class, raised trade and estate-farming to the highest prosperity, and ultimately led to a— hypocritically whitewashed—moral and political corruption of the nation. All the arrant sins that capital has been guilty of against nation and civilization in the modern world, remain as far inferior to the abominations of the ancient capitalist-states as the free man, be he ever so poor, remains superior to the slave; and not until the dragon-seed of North America ripens, will the world have again similar fruits to reap.
    Theodor Mommsen
  • There is nothing at all that remains: nor any house; nor any castle, however strong; nor any love, however tender and sound; nor any comradeship among men, however hardy. Nothing remains but the things of which I will not speak, because we have spoken enough of them already during these four days. But I who am old will give you advice, which is this—to consider chiefly from now onwards those permanent things which are, as it were, the shores of this age and the harbours of our glittering and pleasant but dangerous and wholly changeful sea.
    Hilaire Belloc
  • I am the only being whose doom No tongue would ask no eye would mournIn secret pleasure — secret tears This changeful life has slipped away
    Emily Brontë
  • Roll on, ye Stars! exult in youthful prime, Mark with bright curves the printless steps of Time; Near and more near your beamy cars approach, And lessening orbs on lessening orbs encroach; — Flowers of the sky! ye too to age must yield, Frail as your silken sisters of the field! Star after star from Heaven's high arch shall rush, Suns sink on suns, and systems systems crush, Headlong, extinct, to one dark center fall, And Death and Night and Chaos mingle all! — Till o'er the wreck, emerging from the storm, Immortal Nature lifts her changeful form, Mounts from her funeral pyre on wings of flame, And soars and shines, another and the same.
    Erasmus Darwin

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