What is another word for skimming?

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Skimming is a term used to refer to the process of rapidly reading through a text or document, with the goal of understanding its main ideas and themes. However, there are a number of other words and phrases that can be used to describe the same process. For example, "scanning" refers to the act of quickly looking over a document to locate specific pieces of information. "Glancing" suggests a more casual, non-focused approach to reading, while "perusing" implies a more thorough or detailed examination of the material. Ultimately, the specific synonym chosen will depend on the context of the reading, as well as the intended outcome or goal of the reading itself.

Synonyms for Skimming:

How to use "Skimming" in context?

Skimming is the act of reading only the headlines of a document, article, or web page, in order to get a general idea about the content. When skimming, it is important to not focus on the specific details, as this will lead to a less accurate understanding of the information.

A skimming technique is often used when initializing a new task, in order to get an overview of the content and how important some of the details may be. While skimming, it can be helpful to take mental notes of key points, in order to better remember or relate the information later.

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