What is another word for crafty?

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Crafty is an adjective that describes someone who is clever and cunning, often to achieve their own selfish goals. There are various synonyms which can be used to describe this type of person. One such synonym is sly, which suggests a devious or underhanded nature. Another alternative could be devious, which implies someone who is sneaky or dishonest to get what they want. A third possibility is wily, which denotes intelligence and cunning. Other synonyms for crafty include cunning, shrewd, foxy, artful, and guileful. While these words all have slightly different connotations, they all describe someone who is not to be trusted.

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How to use "Crafty" in context?

When people hear the word "crafty," they usually think of artists, such as painters, sculptors, and fabricators. But what about those of us who love to make things - from crafts to home repairs? Generally, people who are crafty are very creative and can come up with new and inventive ways of doing things. They usually have a good sense of design and are often able to see things that other people don't see. And because crafty people are often good with their hands, they can often make crafts or repairs look pretty easy.

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