What is another word for shenanigan?

Pronunciation: [ʃɪnˈanɪɡən] (IPA)

Shenanigan refers to deceitful or manipulative behavior that is intended to deceive or trick someone. Some synonyms for the word shenanigan include trickery, deceit, fraud, hoax, duplicity, cunning, and chicanery. These words suggest dishonesty or scheming and describe behavior that is intended to benefit or gain an advantage at the expense of others. Other synonyms for shenanigan include mischief, tomfoolery, and prank, which suggest a sense of playfulness or lightheartedness. These words describe behavior that is not necessarily harmful but may be mischievous or playful in nature. Overall, shenanigan and its many synonyms describe a range of behaviors that involve trickery or manipulation.

Synonyms for Shenanigan:

What are the hypernyms for Shenanigan?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for shenanigan?

The word "shenanigan" is often used to describe mischievous or devious behavior. However, there are a number of antonyms that represent the opposite of shenanigans. Among these antonyms are words like decency, honesty, integrity, and righteousness. These words convey a sense of respectability, morality, and virtue, and their use in place of shenanigans can help to promote a more positive and ethical outlook. By using these antonyms, we can shift our focus away from mischief and towards productive and constructive behaviors that benefit everyone involved.

What are the antonyms for Shenanigan?

Usage examples for Shenanigan

I never reelized how much shenanigan it took to tie a bow o' ribbin tell I started experimentin' with this here buggy-whup o' Sonny's.
"Sonny, A Christmas Guest"
Ruth McEnery Stuart
"Well, you needn't try to fix up any shenanigan for me," he said.
"A Daughter of the Land"
Gene Stratton-Porter
But mind you, none of your shenanigan, if I do!
"The Auto Boys' Vacation"
James A. Braden

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