What is another word for gimmick?

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A gimmick is often viewed as something that is used to grab attention or create a false sense of novelty. However, there are many other words that can be used to convey a similar idea without the negative connotations of a gimmick. For example, the word "ploy" can suggest a strategic move designed to garner attention or persuade people. "Quirk" is another word that can be used to suggest unique qualities or features that are different from the norm. "Gizmo" is a term that can suggest technological or mechanical devices that are designed with novelty in mind. Other words such as "trick" or "ploy" can also be used to suggest that something is being used to manipulate or deceive people.

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How to use "Gimmick" in context?

In the world of theater, a "gimmick" is a unique aspect of a performance that is used to entertain or engage the audience. While some gimmicks may be more conventional (such as a clown), others may be more experimental (such as a snake dancer). A gimmick can be anything from a prop to a performer's costume or movement.

Despite the negative connotations associated with the word "gimmick," a good gimmick can be a welcomed addition to a performance. It can help to set the tone and atmosphere, and can be used to create surprise and intrigue.

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