What is another word for smell out?

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When trying to detect or uncover something, the phrase "smell out" might come to mind. However, if you're looking for alternative expressions to use in your writing or conversation, consider these synonyms: detect, sense, sniff out, perceive, discover, unearth, unravel, ferret out, root out, expose, unmask, isolate, track down, trace, pinpoint, discern, distinguish, identify, spot, and notice. Each of these words may make your writing or speech more dynamic and varied, and they convey the idea of finding something through careful investigation or analysis.

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How to use "Smell out" in context?

Smelling out is a term used to describe taking a whiff of someone or something to assess their smell. It is often used to determine if someone is having an allergic reaction or if they have something harmful on them.

Some people claim that the smell of others can influences their mood, memories, and even their physiology. There is even scientific evidence that the smell of certain flowers can alter people's behavior.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering how someone smells, don't just take a whiff of them. smell them out!

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