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Unmask is a verb that means to reveal or expose something or someone's true identity or nature. When we unmask someone, we remove their mask, and their true identity is revealed. However, there are other synonyms for unmask that we can use to communicate the same idea. Some of these synonyms include unveil, disclose, unhide, reveal, uncloak, uncover, and discover. These words are interchangeable with unmask and can add variety to your speech or writing. Using synonyms like these can make your language more interesting and engaging and can help you communicate your ideas more effectively.

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How to use "Unmask" in context?

Unmasking is revealing the true identity of someone who has hidden their identity behind a pseudonym. The term can refer to revealing the true identity of someone who is known publically as something other than their actual identity, or revealing the true identity of someone who has been known to use a pseudonym.

Unmasking is often done as part of investigations into crimes or political scandals. For example, in the United States, the FBI routinely unmasks anonymous tipsters who provide information that leads to the identification of criminal suspects.

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