What is another word for stalking-horse?

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[ stˈɔːkɪŋhˈɔːs], [ stˈɔːkɪŋhˈɔːs], [ s_t_ˈɔː_k_ɪ_ŋ_h_ˈɔː_s]

How to use "Stalking-horse" in context?

Saying a horse is scouting for a race is like saying a stalker is stalking their prey. The analogy is apt because the horse is risk taker, while the stalker is taking calculated risks in their pursuit. However, the horse is a dedicated scout, while the stalker can be a transient one. The horse is always looking for a better opportunity, while the stalker is in a constant hunt. In terms of precision, the horse is often accurate in their assessments, while the stalker is often hit and miss. The horse is also willing to take risks, while the stalker is more calculated.

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