What is another word for pretext?

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A pretext is a delicate way of concealing one's true intentions or motives to achieve a specific goal. It can also refer to a reason given to justify an action that may not necessarily be the real cause. There are several synonyms for pretext, such as excuse, cover-up, feint, alibi, subterfuge, ruse, sham, dodging, trickery, pretense, and deception. These terms all connote a dishonest or manipulative motive or action used to avoid accountability or trick someone into believing something false. Using a pretext is not an honest way of communication and can lead to negative consequences if discovered. Therefore, it's always best to be truthful and transparent in all actions and communications.

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    Pretext is a term used in law to describe the purpose or reason for an action. In criminal law, the use of a pretext to commit a crime is illegal. A pretext can be anything that serves as a reason for an individual to commit a crime, such as a fight that erupted between the victim and the perpetrator. The term can also be used in civil law, to explain why a party is suing another.

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