What is another word for intermission?

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Intermission refers to a pause or break between two acts of a performance or event such as a play, movie, concert or sports game. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for intermission, including interval, recess, break, cessation, interruption, lull or hiatus. All these words connote a temporary interruption or cessation, usually for relaxation, refreshment or a change in scenery or activity. Intermission or any of its synonyms denote an opportunity to take a break and regroup before the next stage of an event, making it a crucial element in any performance or activity.

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How to use "Intermission" in context?

Intermission is a break in a theatrical performance, film, or television show. The interval is generally marked by a short performance or film, or by a speech by the show's presenter. It is traditionally a time for the audience to leave their seats, stretch their legs, and get refreshments.

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